Now that you know that Mr. Coater Painting is an ideal painting company for getting your house painted, the procedure from the start to the finish is detailed as follows

Initial Contact:

Our company’s representative will respond to your email or phone call as soon as possible and fix up a meeting as per your convenience, the main purpose being to draw up a detailed estimate about the extent of work. If you prefer, you can also send us a text at the same number.

No Obligation FREE Estimate:

We provide our customers with a no obligation FREE estimate outling the details like the total price, a comprehensive list of materials and estimated duration of the job. To draw up this quote, we will send across an estimator to meet up with you at the site which needs to be painted. He/She will note down every detail, take measurements, describe the entire project for you from start to finish and clarify all your doubts.


For us to accept your project and begin work, you will have to sign a contract agreeing on the details of estimate. No Deposit! Yep :) And Following this, we will provide you with a date for starting work which is more or less fixed except for bad weather which happens a lot for Exterior Painting in Calgary.

Preparation to Start:

The best way to make a start is by choosing colors because this is the most difficult phase and needs to be completed a week in advance of the date of starting work. While some clients prefer to pick colors on their own, others ask us for recommendations. To this effect, we have several specialists at the painting stores in Calgary who can provide valuable advice in that matter. We can also roll portion of a wall if you like to test and try a color, the cost is only $8/color to cover the cost of small paint sample. We highly recommend this if you are unsure about your color choice.

Start Date:

On the day when the work is to begin, the estimator will arrive at the site in the morning with painters and introduce them to you. Then he/she will outline the entire scope of work to the painters. This is to enable the painters to understand everything that the job entails. And obviously, the biggest part on the start date its to determine the proper protection of everything that needs to be protected and take no chances.

Finish Date:

Because painting jobs are a little messy, we ensure client satisfaction by observing ‘broom-clean’ standards and believe in leaving absolutely no trace of our activities.We will leave your property in the same conditions we entered.


On completion, the estimator is informed after which he will take a round of the site and make an assessment. After he is fully satisfied, he will inform you and invite you to inspect the work. This is the opportunity for you to point out if anything we might have missed. If everything is good and you have approved and are satisfied with the end result , the job is marked complete! Then we wait to hear from your referrals.

Mr. Coater Painting is not just a painting company. It is more about the people, the clients and our able staff who strive to deliver the best paint work in Calgary, Canada.

Don't let just anyone paint your property, it makes a difference!