Why Mr.Coater Painting is Better Than the Competition

Why should you choose us with several Calgary Painters around also offering similar services? It is because we offer you certain advantages that no does. And following are list which make us different from our competitors:

list item 1

Our quotes are fixed and fair with no hidden charges.

Because it is our goal to offer exceptional service to our clients at a competitive and fair pricing, the quotes we prepare are clear, detailed and to the point, and they are also free from hidden charges. Therefore, with our quotes you will be able to make a fair comparison and get the actual picture rather than rely on guesswork. We recommend you get at two to three quotes from different painting contractors and have side-by-side comparison.

list item 2

Priority to your schedule

If you are up against a tight deadline and need work completed with just a few days in hand, we are your best bet due to our ability to take up work even at short notice. And yes! we have completed full housing painting in one day.

list item 3

No Deposits! & Pay Upon Completion Policy.

We take no deposits and have Pay-Upon-completion policy that no one offers in Calgary which requires our clients to make payment only after the work has been completed and they are satisfied. This advantage gives the client absolute right over the contract and it has made us quite popular across commercial and residential jobs. This is one of the biggest reason behind our success.

list item 4

We will protect your property.

May be we take longer than some of the other companies out there but it is to ensure that everything is in its place and the site is adequately prepared for the painting job. We will cover and protect everything that needs to be protected and take no chances. After all, preparation is a must for perfect finish.

list item 5

We clean after our work.

After we leave, you will not find a single trace of our presence and this is because we clean the site everyday and work without causing any harm to your possessions like furniture and décor.

list item 6

Unmatched Quality

Since we hire professionals who are experts at their work and choose raw materials of premium quality, the cut lines are clean with an excellent finish.Enough said.

list item 7

An owner who is pickier than you

While many painters may complain of the client being picky, for us it is our owner who is pickier than anyone else. His idea of building a sustainable business comes from checking every minor detail and this logic is applied to every project no matter what the cost might be.

list item 8

Unsure about which color? We provide Painting Samples

Are you confused about which color would look best on your walls? Since it is a common problem faced by many customers, we provide a one color sample absolutely free of cost. At your request we will roll the color on your wall to help you decide if it is the right one. You can even try additional color samples at $8 per color till you find one which is ideal and this is what makes us better than our competition.

list item 9

On Time

We respect your schedule and also the fact that you would like the work to be finished on time. That is why we follow a system of scheduled estimates, timely arrival of workers on site, constant updates and informing you regarding your project’s schedules so that your waiting period is completely eliminated.

list item 10

All work comes with a No Questions Asked Warranty

We are one company that does not believe in fine print. If you feel something went wrong with our painting job, all you have to do is ask and it will be done free of charge without any questions asked

Don't let just anyone paint your property, it makes a difference!