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Finding the Right Painting Contractor in Calgary

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Calgary Painters Tips

Hiring Local Painting Contractor in Calgary

Are you looking for a painting contractor? Here are the tips. Let us start with the fact that we have been called to the job site many times, just to fix some contractor painting work because they had left it in the middle with the payment or the work isn’t up to the quailty. So you be aware of the fact that Calgary is filled with all sorts of contractor , and you do not want to end up fighting them at the court to recover your loss. Hence, finding the right one is an important decision that requires time and careful consideration but in the end it can take the stress out of painting your home.

Tip #1

Get Estimates from at Least Three Painting Contractors.

You should always get at least three painting contractor estimates and they should fall approximately in the same price range but if the estimates differ check to see what is being done or where corners are being cut.

Tip #2

Do not give big sums of deposit or advance payment.

Protect yourself! At most you should be only giving the paint cost but a big company will have enough credit to purchase paint worth couple hundred dollars so if a contractor is trying to you convince you to pay. Say NO! or make it “Pay as you go” Payment method. We have Pay upon completion policy for most residential jobs or ” Pay as you go” .

Tip #3

Written Quote & Contract.

Do not get into verbal contracts or agreements. Have it written and signed by both parties, contractor and yourself. Review the contract and written quote carefully. Dont forget to verify following important things such as what is exactly being painted, prep and clean-up procedure, property protection , duration and payment method.


Check Proper and required licenses.

You shouldn’t be just hiring a local painter without proper paperwork. You are putting yourself at risk. Check to see if they have city permit, business license, GST number, insurance converge and etc. This will help you protect your property and valuable items in case things go wrong.

Tip #5

Check Past Reference and visit job site.

Our customers have hired painters in the past that had calamined 20 years of experience but to find out they can not paint a straight line without tape. This is very important thing to do when hiring a painting contractor, without reference you are risking your property and yourself. Be sure to get at least three references from past customers and speak to them directly.  If possible visit a job site to see the contractors work. We create picture and video folder for every job we do with our signs in the background.

Follow these tips and you should be able to find yourself the right painting contractor in Calgary.


Don't let just anyone paint your property, it makes a difference!